Parking Tag V-2

PARKING HANG TAGS are practical and functional. Parking Hangers are clearly visible from one pinpoint location, ideal for those individuals who desire no identification when away from campus.

FREE STANDARD MASCOTS – With all parking permit types. Use one of our standard mascots.  Call or e-mail for additional standard mascot designs not shown.  Supply us with a mascot in vector art at no additional charge or we can customize a parking tag with your seal, logo or mascot for an additional $45. Call for additional colors and quantities.

FREE consecutive numbering with all parking permit types (7/32” high number).  Our Parking tags are made of .35 mils polyvinyl, extreme weather changes will not curl or break this tag.  Our screen-printed inks are fade-proof and water-proof.  For Parking Hangers use one of our standard colors on white or yellow polyvinyl.  Call for second color or backside imprint.  We offer two different styles of parking tags.  The largest V SERIES shown here hangs below the rearview mirror (Size 2 ¾ “ X 4¾ “).  The more subtle H SERIES parking hanger hides behind the rearview mirrow (Size 2” X 4¾ “).