Student Pick-Up Passes

These jumbo highly visible pick-up passes are ideal for identifying vehicles that should be picking up students, when school lets out for the day.  The buss monitor, car monitor or security at school can identify who should be picking up students at school.

  • FREE PICK-UP PASS ART – with standard logos or mascots, or we can customize a pass with your seal, logo, or mascot at “NO” additional cost, when supplied with vector art, or just send us a sketch and we will create design.
  • FREE CONSECUTIVE NUMBERING – height “7/32 inch”.  Call for additional size numbers.
  • Our universal parking pass designs easily attach to rear view mirrors.
  • We only use durable extra thick .35 mils polyvinyl. This material is rugged and extreme weather changes will not curl or break this tag. Size of vertical parking pass (2¾” X 6¾”).
  • Our screen printed inks are fade-proof and weather proof. Choose from one of our standard colors with no additional cost.
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