Parking Hang Tag – Favorites

GREAT PRICES & DESIGNS on PARKING PERMIT HANG TAGS for High Schools, Colleges and Businesses.  Order Parking Tags and Parking Permits Today and SAVE.  Our parking hang tags are practical and functional for school and business campuses.  Parking hangers are clearly visible from one pinpoint location, ideal for those individuals who use multiple vehicles or desire no identification when away from campus.  See why high schools, colleges, universities and business use our parking tags.  Parking tags, hang below the rearview mirror and are the most popular parking permit.

Parking Permit Hang Tag Designs Below Are The Most Popular Permits

Here’s Why Customers Select Our Parking Permit Hang Tags

  • Our Tags are Made of .35 Mils Thick Polyvinyl (White or Yellow)
  • Extreme Weather Changes Will Not Curl or Break Tag
  • Screen Printed Inks are Fade-proof and Waterproof
  • FREE Mascots and Logos on Most Custom Designs
  • Affordable High Quality Custom Parking Permits
  • FREE Consecutive Numbering
  • We Guarantee Our Products!
  • Creative Art Department
  • No Hidden Changes